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Aug 3 2019 < 1

Cybersecurity: Linchpin of the digital enterprise

By James Kaplan, Wolf Richter, and David Ware

“Two consistent and related themes in enterprise technology have emerged in recent years, both involving rapid and dramatic change. One is the rise of the digital enterprise across sectors and internationally. The second is the need for IT to react quickly and develop innovations aggressively to meet the enterprise’s digital aspirations. Exhibit 1 presents a “digitization index”—the results of research on the progress of enterprise digitization within companies, encompassing sectors, assets, and operations.

A valuable article about the role and importnance of the Cybersecurity in Digital Transformation initiatives. A chart with Digitalization level per industry provided. Vulnerabilities across the business value chain discussed. An overview of security implementation in the product development process.

The article: Cybersecurity: Linchpin of the digital enterprise


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