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Jan 28 2 mins

Cybersecurity 2020: A Perilous Landscape

“Cybersecurity is a very serious issue for 2020 – and the risks stretch far beyond the alarming spike in ransomware.

In addition to the daily concerns of malware, stolen data and the cost of recovering from a business network intrusion, there is the very real danger of nefarious actors using cyberattacks to influence or directly impact the outcome of the 2020 U.S. general election.

Today, every company that has a computer or any connected devices or software should see itself as a “tech company.” Every individual with a smart TV, virtual assistant or other Internet of Things (IoT) device could be at risk as well — and the risks include being victimized by cyberstalkers or having personal data compromised.

“We are seeing growing attack surfaces — for example, automotive, drones, satellites and hardware components,” said Michael Sechrist, chief technologist at Booz Allen Hamilton.

There is also “increased obfuscation from sophisticated actors — that is, malware code reuse and similarities,” he told TechNewsWorld.

“Several major domestic and international events will likely provide attackers opportunities for digital disruption across large and small companies and governments alike,” Sechrist said.

Although everyone who’s connected in this increasingly connected world is a potential target, understanding the risks can help alleviate the overall threat.

“The main threat companies face is in not adequately keeping pace with the ever-evolving security threat landscape,” said Ellen Benaim, information security officer at Templafy.

“It is a constant battle to keep abreast of the latest issues. To make matters worse, we predict that in 2020 cyberthreats will become more frequent and sophisticated, spanning a wider attack surface and causing a more deadly impact,” she told TechNewsWorld.”

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