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Aug 12 2019 < 1

Business leaders gird for ‘organizational explosions’

“You understand there is no one road to digital transformation. You remind your stakeholders that different companies take different paths, and none of them are easy. You warn your team to look out for potholes. But are you ready for “organizational explosions?” For the last four years, the MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research has collected data from more than 800 organizations that are undergoing digital transformation, according to Nick van der Meulen, research scientist at the center. In its study of the data and interviews with the organizations, the center developed a framework for successful transformations.

The author presents recommendations about the organizational aspect of the Digital Transformation. Four typical paths to DX outlined. The steps to control disruptive organisational changes explained in detail.

The article: Business leaders gird for ‘organizational explosions’


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