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Feb 13 2 mins

Building Blocks of a Digital Transformation Maturity Model

“2019 saw the solidification of certain trends, some of which have been in the works for a few years now, but which combined, are pushing businesses to embark on digital transformation journeys.

3 Business Trends Pushing the Digital Transformation Mandate

Everything Is an Experience
Whether you’re talking customer experience, user experience, digital experience, brand experience, employee experience, content experience, transactional experience or basically anything else related to business, it’s all about making the intangible tangible. Everything is an experience. Every experience sets the bar for the next experience for individuals, whether they are customers, users, employees, leaders, readers, etc…

Customers Are Savvy
Potential customers are consumers of information, and they are becoming increasingly savvy about finding and using content to make buying decisions. From online research to reviews, social proof and self-service education, your buying audience is more informed than ever. The net effect is that face-to-face in-person sales are deferring to digitally-enabled sales…

Invisible Technology Is the Standard
The Internet of Things (IoT) and smart technology are changing the enterprise; everything is interconnected. Customers — and employees, partners and more — expect the entire range of functionality to be invisible and safe. Their personal data should be held sacred without question. Your audiences should be able to access what they need when they want it via the device of their choice for optimal value. Everything should just work.

These three trends combined create the formula for your digital transformation journey.”

The article: Building Blocks of a Digital Transformation Maturity Model


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