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Jul 31 2 mins

Blockchain In Mobile Application Market – Infographic

Blockchain in Mobile Application Market infographic

This article and accompanying infographic provide information about the increasing trend of utilizing Blockchain in mobile application market. 

Start-ups in many industries across the world are increasingly adopting new digital trends with a goal to beat their competition. Adoption of a innovative technology is the best way to boost up a start-up business and increase its chances to get to the market top spot.

Major industries and companies are very much successful in implementing the latest technologies. However, small scale industries and starts-ups are not as successful, mainly due to the lack of resources. The most popular strategy to overcome this obstacle is outsourcing the implementation or even the ideation to the expert teams. 

One of the key digital trends is BlockchainBlockchain is an open source decentralized network. Blockchain technology grants permission for online payments and makes digital transactions more worthy. It secures all the transactional data in its blocks which cannot be manipulated by any third party.

With the introduction of blockchain in the mobile application industry, the transactions are more complex and grant a high quality security system with speed transactional processors.

Blockchain technology embedded into mobile apps enhances cross-border transactions which can be done across the world regardless of the fact where the person is located and to whom he is sending funds. Blockchain based mobile apps have gained popularity because of the amazing features the Blockchain offers; transparency, security, integrity and acting as a public ledger.

Blockchain also backs all the digital currencies. Online casinos such as Fortunejack, 7Bit, mBit and many more accept digital currencies as a method of payment and therefore the Blockchain has become a major requirement in Gambling industry.

The team from ACMarket in partnership with have developed the most innovative infographic on Blockchain in the mobile application market.

The infographic lists Blockchain’s potential roles / benefits in the mobile apps;

– App approval

– Avoiding the middleman

– In-app purchases

– Transparency

– Data security



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