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Nov 20 2019 < 1

Automating The Road To Digital Transformation

“Digital transformation can be an intimidating concept, as it often feels like a profound, all-encompassing task for senior leaders who don’t understand the intricacies it takes to implement.

Despite this fact, digital transformation is fundamental to remain competitive in the current landscape. Throwing around the term “digital transformation” is the 1,000-foot view of the journey, but if you drill down and focus on one piece at a time, it can become much more manageable and deliver greater value.

Let’s look at one of the biggest driving forces behind digital transformation: automation — specifically, automating test environment management.

The introduction of automation in any industry always brings fear of lost jobs and a lack of control. However, automation has consistently proven to be a crucial turning point for the industry — a pivot toward bigger and better things.

In IT today, we look to automate everything possible to free up talented people, to create and think big and to solve our toughest problems. However, it seems like in any area of IT, there are always pockets of manual management left behind, and these always seem to be the most laborious tasks.”

The article: Automating The Road To Digital Transformation


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