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J.D. WildFlower has been a marketing consultant as well as a Holistic Success Coach helping professionals create lives and businesses they love since 1997. Her client list includes Academy & Grammy Winners, New York Times Best-Selling Authors, High-Profile Professionals and globally recognized companies like Samsung, US Bank and Dish Network. Learn more about J.D.’s consulting services and VIP Global Client Formula, her signature program that helps experts brand, build & launch a High-End Signature Training Platform while creating an Online Group Inner-Circle Style Program & Ultra-High-End VIP Private Program Suite in 8 Weeks at

Aug 6 5 mins

How To Bulletproof Your Business During Pandemic

For Coaches, Consultants, Experts & Authors   Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash Digital Transformation (DX) was recognized as the key to survival for businesses even before COVID-19. During 2019
How To Bulletproof Your Business During Pandemic