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Ashley Friedlein’s marketing & digital trends for 2020 to 2030

Every year I pick out the digital and marketing trends and developments which I believe will shape the industry and digital/marketing planning and thinking in the year ahead.

This is a special year. 2020 always used to be ‘the future’ somewhere on the horizon. Well, here we are. We need a new future. Let’s go with 2030.

There have been quite a few ten-year retrospectives written on digital, and some (fewer than usual for some reason) 2020 trends and predictions, but not much looking forwards ten years. So that is what I would like to focus on first.

… What will digital/marketing look like a decade from now in 2030?

We know, of course, that there will continue to be advancements in technology, both hardware and software, and artificial intelligence is likely to bring about the greatest changes.

Quantum computing could also deliver seismic change within the next 10 years. Last September Google claimed ‘quantum supremacy’ in performing a calculation that would have taken a traditional computer around 10,000 years to complete in a mere three minutes and 20 seconds.

But here are five broad trends I see playing out in the coming decade.”

The article: Ashley Friedlein’s marketing & digital trends for 2020 to 2030


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