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Mar 22 2019 < 1

6 reasons the public sector should be investing in APIs

“In today’s data-driven world, APIs are all around us. Many of us interact with them every day without giving it a second thought. Whether you’re checking the weather, ordering takeaway food or using a hotel booking app on your smartphone, it’s usually an API that’s allowing you to access this information in real-time. While the term is thrown around a lot, there’s still confusion about what APIs actually entail. In very simple terms, APIs help software and applications to talk to each other. This enables departments and organisations to share their data easily and relatively securely, even if they rely on different IT systems.”

In this article Bruno Cardoso, a Head of Digital Integration Europe at Cognizant, provides 6 key reasons wht governments and public sector should utilize the APIs in the same extent they are already utilized by the companies in the private sector.

The article: 6 reasons the public sector should be investing in APIs

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