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6 Big FinTech Trends That Shape the Banking Industry in 2020

“2020 is predicted to feature an even stronger collision of two worlds, the financial services, and technology. Fintech represents a powerful synergy of these industries and promise to bring out modern banking to a new level.

Being in a firm embrace with each other, financial services and technology innovations will provide institutions with new opportunities that expand far beyond traditional banking services.

Fintech can considerably improve customer experience, combining new data processing and storage strategies with advanced analytics and new capabilities of cybersecurity. Here we will overview six global trends that will disrupt the banking industry in the upcoming year.

– AI Evolution

– The Voice Revolution

– Blockchain

– Expansion of 5G Wireless

– The Fast Growth and Scaling of Chinese Fintech Ecosystems

– Cyberthreats and Cybersecurity

…Fintech has considerably evolved during recent years and continues to develop fast. The six trends mentioned above outline the most significant movements and changes that are predicted to occur soon and shape the future of the financial services in the upcoming year.”

The article: 6 Big FinTech Trends That Shape the Banking Industry in 2020

Illustration by Gleb Kuznetsov


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