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5 ways technology will reshape the workforce in 2020

From teamwork to unprecedented personalization, this is how one industry heavyweight reads the tea leaves in 2020.

How is technology changing the enterprise in 2020? It would be tough to pin down an answer that’s anything close to comprehensive, but chipping ice chunks off the glacier of “the state of technology and work in 2020” can help us glean insights into the creep and flow of new and developing technologies in the enterprise heading into the new decade.

I caught up with ADP’s corporate vice president, Don Weinstein, to get his take on how technology will continue to reshape the workforce over the next 6-12 months. Personalization, AI/ML, predictive analytics, low code technology … Don’s insights, presented below, are far-ranging and offered with an eye toward gleaning insights into the broader trends in technology and the workforce that he’s seeing from his perch at ADP.

They’re also offered, refreshingly, with an eye toward how the worker will be affected.

The article: 5 ways technology will reshape the workforce in 2020


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