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Nov 29 2019 < 1

3D Printing: The Beginning of the End for Long-Haul Logistics?

3D printing has been around in one form or another for decades, but only now is it developing into a major disruptive trend. A growing number of manufacturers are adopting the technology, with potentially far-reaching consequences not only for their production processes but also for the global supply chain. This month, we look at the threat 3D printing poses to logistics players – and the steps they can take to safeguard their business going forward.

Increased Adoption Fuels Stellar Growth

3D printing – or additive manufacturing, as it’s also known – has been deployed in prototype building for quite some time. But as the technology becomes ever faster, more affordable, and more robust, there has recently been a sharp rise in its adoption by manufacturers and private individuals alike.

Today, additive manufacturing is used to create everything from medical devices to aviation components, as well as products designed and printed by home users. In light of these developments, observers predict that the global 3D printing market will be worth some USD 550 billion by 2025.

The article: 3D Printing: The Beginning of the End for Long-Haul Logistics?


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