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10 Breakthrough Technologies 2020

Updated: Mar 3

“Here is our annual list of technological advances that we believe will make a real difference in solving important problems. How do we pick? We avoid the one-off tricks, the overhyped new gadgets. Instead we look for those breakthroughs that will truly change how we live and work.

Unhackable internet

Later this year, Dutch researchers will complete a quantum internet between Delft and the Hague.

Hyper-personalized medicine

Novel drugs are being designed to treat unique genetic mutations.

Digital money

The rise of digital currency has massive ramifications for financial privacy.

Anti-aging drugs

Drugs that try to treat ailments by targeting a natural aging process in the body have shown promise.

AI-discovered molecules

Scientists have used AI to discover promising drug-like compounds.

Satellite mega-constellations

We can now affordably build, launch, and operate tens of thousands of satellites in orbit at once.

Quantum supremacy

Google has provided the first clear proof of a quantum computer outperforming a classical one.

Tiny AI

We can now run powerful AI algorithms on our phones.

Differential privacy

A technique to measure the privacy of a crucial data set.

Climate change attribution

Researchers can now spot climate change’s role in extreme weather.

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